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The Anatomy of the Foot

The foot is comprised of three main parts, the hindfoot, midfoot and forefoot.

The hindfoot helps to shape the heel of the foot. The heel bone, also known as the calcaneus, is the largest bone in the foot.

The hindfoot, specifically the heel, connects to the Achilles tendon, and is attached to your calf muscle. The Achilles tendon is a cord-like structure needed for any upright motion. The heel, Achilles tendon, and calf are what allow for jumping, running, climbing and walking.

The midfoot lies between the hindfoot and forefoot. The bones found in the midfoot help to shape your arch, and contribute a great deal to your ability to balance.

The forefoot contains your toes, or phalanges, and a portion of your midfoot or metatarsals. The five metatarsal bones found in the midfoot are much longer than the phalanges.

There are also many ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the human foot, which help with much of the mobility.

The Importance of the Foot

The foot is responsible for four major functions. It must be able to serve as a shock absorber, become a lever for propulsion, adapt to uneven surfaces, and translate forces generated by the hip. The muscles and tendons work together with the bones, joints, and ligaments. If one of them is not functioning properly, the entire foot can be affected. If you’re experiencing pain or difficulties with movement, and would like to follow up with one of our physicians. Rest assured that our highly skilled team will take great care of you.

The Anatomy of the Ankle

The ankle joint is comprised of three bones, the tibia, talus, and fibula. The tibia is the shinbone, the fibula refers to the bone that runs parallel, or alongside the shinbone, and the talus in the foot.

There is also the subtalar joint, which is found beneath the ankle juncture. The subtalar joint is responsible for side-to-side motion.

The Importance of the Ankle

The ankle is important in that enables you to walk, run or jump. Unhealthy ankles can make these activities difficult similar to having unhealthy feet. It is important to get your feet or ankles checked out if you are experiencing pain or difficulty walking.

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